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Karvan Coffee

Karvan Coffee Blend #2 is a crowd pleaser. You will fall in love with the vibrant fruity flavours and the rich, syrupy body. The finish is one of milk chocolate and sweet caramel.  Think Caramello Koala.

What’s more is that this blend can be enjoyed with or without milk so everyone in the house is happy.  Espresso coffee lovers and fans of filter.

Win, win.


Karvan Decaf

Many people say ‘death before decaf’ but they obviously haven’t tried ours.

Our decaf is super sweet in the cup with a smooth body and flavours of caramel.  Perfect for pregnant or nursing mothers who don’t want caffeine or for those of us who still fancy a coffee in the afternoon without being awake all night.


Karvan Hot Chocolate

Our Single Origin Chocolate Powder (SO Choc for short) is a blend of premium single origin cocoa powder from Ecuador, Australian raw cane sugar, and a pinch of Australian sea salt.  So delicious.

S.O. Choc specialty hot chocolate is vegan, gluten free, and preservative free.

Try it as a hot chocolate, mocha or to dust your cappuccino.

Karvan Coffee Karvan Coffee Karvan Coffee