About Us

As two busy Mum’s, with 7 children and 2 working husbands between us, life just doesn’t slow down.  We continue to strive to put a well-rounded nutritious and delicious meal on the dinner table for our loved ones. After many conversations and many hours of dreaming on our daily walks, we wanted the opportunity to spend more time with our families without compromising the evening meal. And so, Foodey was born and nurtured into a concept that we could share with other busy families. 

At Foodey we strive to support each other to achieve better health, nutrition and lifestyle.  We are environmentally conscious and will continue to find ways of doing things better.


Our Foodey Meal Kit is for all our fellow Foodey’s—from the crazy creative cook to the novice in the kitchen.The idea of the Foodey Meal Kit was designed to excite and inspire you to enjoy meals highlighting fresh local and seasonal produce. 

Why not get the kids in the kitchen to spend quality time and build life skills or to free up your time thinking about what’s for dinner. We provide the recipes and ingredients with helpful Foodey tips while being conscious of preparing a recipe in under 40 minutes. We are committed to help you find the ease and enjoyment of cooking fabulous food in your own home. 


We love good food that fits into our lifestyle! As proud Foodey’s, we know what it means, and how important it is, to have positive and delicious food experiences, not only for the adults but for the kids too. Being a Foodey is not just a thing, it’s a lifestyle.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” ~Virginia Woolf.