As you may have heard, with the growing demand for our local Meal Kits, our Foodey cafe will be closing on the 21st March after the Tree Street Arts Safari. We have loved seeing all of your wonderful faces in our cafe since we opened and can't thank you enough for your support, however we started this business to help busy households at dinner time and to ensure we keep providing you with this quality, we need to focus all of our energy into this part of our business. Not to worry though! We will have our raw treats and juices available to order though our website after the cafe closes. We will also be supplying some of our Foodey goodness to other local cafes around Bunbury, so you don't have to miss out! :)

Foodey is growing and to keep serving our dedicated subscribers, we are updating our terms - here's what you need to know:
All paused subscriptions have until the 26th February to be reactivated. If you reactivate before this date, you will receive a free fruit bag with your order (write "free fruit bag" in the notes or message us to reactivate your subscription for you). 
After this date, you will no longer be able to pause your subscription, however you will still be able to skip the weeks you don't wish to receive your kit as per normal. 
SKIPPING YOUR ORDER: to better serve our active subscribers, there will be skip limit of 7 consecutive skips on your subscription. If your subscription is skipped for 7 weeks consecutively, your subscription will be scheduled for cancellation. If you wish to keep your subscription active, all you have to do is order within the 7 weeks. If you are going away for more than 7 weeks and would still like to keep your subscription for when you return, simply send us a message and we can set your account to reactivate upon your return date. 
WHAT HAPPENS IF MY SUBSCRIPTION IS CANCELLED? There's nothing to worry about if your subscription is cancelled due to inactivity for more than 7 weeks. You can always resume ordering with us at any point. Simply visit the website, add your Meal Kit to the cart and check out - your new subscription will be active! 
I'VE TRIED TO LOGON TO MY ACCOUNT BUT I CAN'T: This just means that you didn't activate your account when you placed your very first order. Not to worry - many of us get caught up in emails and we forget to do these things sometimes. We can help you set up your account at any time! Simply send us a message and we will resend you an account invite. From here, you can complete the account activation and manage your subscription by logging in. 

If you need any help managing your subscription or account, or would like us to unpause your subscription for you, simply get in touch with us!